Petition now available to download

As we move into the next phase of our campaign to stop this ridiculous development, we have initiated a petition which will be submitted to the WA State Parliament later in the year. The petition opposing the proposed Mangles Bay Marina Based Tourist Precinct can be downloaded below:

Click on image to download HOPP Petition  

With the Public Environmental Review (PER) only months away this is a crucial time to further raise public awareness about just how destructive the proposed private canal housing and inland marina development at Point Peron really is.

We need to collect 10,000’s of signatures so that key government decision makers can’t ignore the widespread community opposition to this land grab. This petition will play a crucial role in getting media attention for this issue.

We need PEOPLE POWER, that’s you, to help STOP the proposed private canal housing and inland marina development at Point Peron.

There are still many people across WA who are unaware of this proposal so please download a petition today and ask your family and friends to help start collecting signatures. Completed petition forms are to be returned to HOPP via the PO Box indicated at the bottom of the petition.

Also available on the HOPP website is our fantastic looking new flyer for handing out to people and for letterboxing your neighbours. Click here to download the flyer


If you don’t have a printer but would like to help letterbox our new flyers please contact us and we can give you a bundle of flyers. Please contact our letterboxing coordinator, Ron, on 9529 3386 or email to arrange your bundle of flyers.

Collecting signatures and letterboxing our flyers is a great way that you can help spread the word, “Hands Off Point Peron”.


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