Save Point Peron Rally at City of Rockingham council offices 2014/2015

Peaceful rally to lobby Rockingham City Councillors to reject the Cedar Woods/Landcorp proposal for a Canal Estate and Inland Marina on public land at Point Peron and to urge councillors to support the Community's Vision of a Coastal Park on our public land instead.

On Tuesday, Oct. 28th, please arrive at 5:30pm sharp as we rally outside for 20 minutes until 5:50pm. Then those who are able to attend the monthly council meeting proceed to go inside before 5:55pm and get seated in the public gallery ready for the 6pm start of the 1 hour council meeting.

Please wear white - preferably a white T-shirt with a black hand print(s) on it. No words, just the black hand print symbol as in the Hands Off Point Peron FB page profile photo. Naturally though, if you are one of the lucky ones who have a genuine HOPP T-shirt, wear that.


Because for the proposed Point Peron Canal Estate to go ahead a NEW Local Structure Plan to permit canal estates and artificial waterway developments in the COR has to be prepared and APPROVED by Rockingham City Council and the WAPC.

Remember, without local council and WAPC approval the developers can’t build the proposed canal estate at Point Peron – please pass on this fact to your friends and family.

2014 Council meeting dates
• October 28
• November 25
• December 16
• January 27 - 2015

17 Aug 2014 — Sunday 14th September 11-2pm ‘Save Our Point Peron Family Picnic & Rally’at Point Peron

There will be fun activities for the kids and tree planting, live music, information stalls, raffles, prizes and more. Come and celebrate your treasured memories of Point Peron and get an update on what we are doing to realise the community’s vision for a Coastal Park NOT Canals for Point

Preserve Point Peron (PPP inc.) - Public Meeting to discuss development plans at Mangles Bay

Preserve Point Peron is another local community/not-for-profit group, actively working to lobby politicians to stop the proposed development at Mangels Bay.

Hands Off Point Peron work closely with Preserve Point Peron as we are both hoping to achieve the same goal of stopping the proposed Marina and Canal Development at Mangels Bay.
Event Details:

  • A public meeting to be held by Preserve Point Peron Incorp
  • Venue: Naragebup Environmental Centre
  • Address: Safety Bay Road, Point Peron (Click here for Google Map)
  • Date: Saturday 19th March
  • Time: 10.00 am


  • Bob Goodale to open meeting and provide update on Preserve Point Peron activities
  • Charlie will be providing an overview of the current presentations that have been issued to politicians. In addition, a brief overview will be provided of the alternative vision for Point Peron for the PPP group.

For more information on Preserve Point Peron or the public meeting, please contact Esther 9528 7133

Rally: January 2011

Big turnout tells the Government to stop the Point Peron Land Grab

Over 500 people protested the Barnett Government’s plans for the Mangles Bay canal housing and inland marina project at Point Peron on Sunday many of whom have only recently found out about the Governments plans for the area through the Hands Off Point Peron community awareness campaign.   

Protestors joined the growing list of opponents including renowned marine zoologist and underwater artist Roger Swainston, local business owners and tourism operators.

Speakers included environmentalists, a hydrologist and a town planner who all expressed their concern at the proposed inland marina.

Spokesperson for the Hands Off Point Peron Group Dawn Jecks said, “We had a number of volunteers on the ground prior to the rally canvassing opinions from local business owners, tourism operators and users of the area about the proposed development.

“Feedback that we received showed that local business owners are worried that another commercial hub will draw business away from the main Rockingham beachfront business area. Tourism operators voiced concerns that the destruction of seagrass beds and fisheries will result in a loss of visitors to the area and local users of the beach are worried about reduced access to the beach.”

It was revealed at the rally that the dual use path along the length of the beachfront from Hymus Street to the causeway, that was promised in the developers advertisements last August, were no longer on the plans.

Ms Jecks said, “At the third and final Stakeholders Reference Group meeting which I attended just prior to Christmas, it was confirmed by the developer that there would not be a dual use path along the length of the beachfront. Nor would there be a bridge across the channel leading out of the marina to deeper water. Effectively, the proposed Mangles Bay marina will cut the Mangles Bay beach in half.

“Beach walkers wanting to walk the length of the beachfront from Hymus Street to the causeway would have to walk around the development. Despite promises to the contrary it is clear that this development will result in a reduction in public access from current levels.

With ratepayers being the most likely ones to have to pick up the tab for the costs to maintain the canal development as well as having reduced access to the beachfront, people are starting to question whose interests are being served by this proposed development.

“There is no question that there is a need for an upgrade of some of the areas in Point Peron but this development is not the answer Ms Jecks concluded.


Speakers on the day included

  • Dawn Jecks: HOPP Spokesperson:
  • Lyn McClaren: Green MLC
  • Trevor Walley
  • Les Lowe
  • Fiona Metcalfe

Wide media coverage for the event was received including articles in The West Australian, Community Newpaper Western Courier and an interview on radio ABC Perth, with Russel Wolffe on the Drive program. Please reveiw the articles provided below:


Article: Western Courier                                                                              Article: The West Australian, Jane Hammond

A selection of photos from the Rally

(Photos by: Les Lowe, Ruth O'Dwyer and John V).


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