Development Plans

Proposed Development: Cape Peron Tourist Precinct Project

The proposed project area is in 77 ha of publically owned and accessible land in the middle of the Regional Park at Point Peron. It includes the land West of the corner of Point Peron Road and Safety Bay Road .

CURRENTLY the proponents are working to refine the 2006 plan which they submitted to the EPA in 2006

- Download current Development Plans (Low Res version 1MG) (Large Format version 30MG)

- Download Current Proposal Documentation (ESD document)

- Download 2006 Strategic Environment Report

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Image: Mangles Bay Proposed Canal/Marina Development Area

It would require that 44ha of publicly owned crown land near the entrance to Point Peron 44ha, be excised from the Rockingham Lakes Regional Park including approximately 35 ha of land from the Bush Forever Protection area. This land would be sold and cleared for private multistorey apartments and canal side residences, private marina, hotel/resort (maximum height; five storeys) shops & carparks.

Image: Original Develpoment Proposal for Point Peron Toursim Precinct (2010) . see below: project area is outlined in red.see below: project area is outlined in red.see below: project area is outlined in red.. Project .. PrPro

The most recent development plan: Mangles Bay Marina Based Tourist Precinct


Image: Mangles Bay Canal/Marina Development (Feb 2011) 



Image: Mangles Bay Canal/Marina Development (Dec 2010)


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