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Hands Off Point Peron

The future of Point Peron’s marine life rests with this man....    It’s now all up to him 

Albert Jacob, our new WA Environment Minister now has all of the submissions and documentation on his desk and will soon decide whether or not he will allow the destruction of Point Peron, a public Regional Park at Mangles Bay in Rockingham, by developers who want to dig it out, dredge it and turn it into an exclusive private canal housing estate and commercial marina, as proposed by Cedar Woods and LandCorp (

NOW is the time to contact Minister Jacob and your local MP and let them know or remind them, that you want this stunning public nature reserve saved for future generations. 

Please take a few minutes to contact Minister Jacob (no lengthy submissions required):



We urge Minister Jacobs to carefully consider the following points:

1. Canal developments have been banned in NSW and Victoria because of their adverse economic and environmental impacts;

2. The State Government has just had to fork out over $28M to bail out the canal/marina development disaster at Port Geographe;

3. This would have a devastating impact on the Mangles Bay seagrass meadows, a marine nursery for snapper, crabs and whiting and important habitat for
penguins, dolphins and many seabirds.  It would also destroy 40 hectares of ‘Bush Forever’;

4. Point Peron was given to the people of Western Australia in 1964 by the Commonwealth Government strictly for the purpose of RECREATION.  It was intended to be the ‘Kings Park of the South’ for all to enjoy. Stipulations included NO private, commercial or industrial development.  Tearing up this agreement, signed by the then WA Premier Sir David Brand and Prime Minister Sir Robert Menzies would be an unconscionable BREACH OF FAITH;

5. That a 500 boat pen Hillarys style marina has been fully approved off the main cafe strip in Rockingham, which is a far more environmentally and economically sensible location for a marina;

6. That local cafes, restaurants and businesses around the Rockingham foreshore are struggling as it is and building a commercial marina 1 kilometre down the road (another hub) with more shops, hotels and restaurants would draw business away from the underutilised existing foreshore area and hurt local business owners.  Other marinas around Perth are also struggling, including Hillarys, Fishermans Wharf and Dolphin Quay in Mandurah;

7. That this development is HIGH RISK - There are NO investors at this stage to build the public/commercial enclave for the marina (which is the part that the developers are using to entice the public)? It appears Cedar Woods are only required to develop and carve up the residential lots and sell them off? Who is going to build the commercial marina with its cafes, restaurants and hotels in this economic environment with so many other marinas being underutilized? Would tax payers end up having to finish off the job? For how long will the developers be responsible for any costly environmental issues that need fixing? 

8. That studies show that tourists are not interested in modern man-made canal developments. Tourists tell researchers they want to see nature and natural environments.  See article
with comments by former Tourism Minister;

9. That Point Peron has been deliberately neglected and is in need of a face lift, but it would be far more valuable to the local economy and WA as a tourist and day tripper destination, if it is protected and maintained as an eco-tourism park.  Kings Park is Perth’s number one tourist destination, because people like to see local natural environments. 

10. That many scientists and engineering professionals are very concerned that the hydrology of the area would be badly affected and cause salination issues with ground water and affect nearby Lake Richmond and threaten the rare Thrombolites (living fossils);

11. That Point Peron’s Mangles Bay is very shallow, so to allow access for boating traffic in and out of a marina, a deep channel would need to be dredged right through the seagrass meadows (a marine nursery), which would be an absolute travesty in itself, but it would also stir up mercury and other heavy metals that have settled over the decades from Cockburn Sound heavy industry. Seabird feathers in the area already show high levels of mercury. A worst case scenario would be a ban on eating fish caught in the area or even perhaps a ban on swimming?


URGENT ACTION is NOW required to save Point Peron...!





For more information on the proposed development, please follow this link  


On this page
  • How you can help our group raise awareness
  • About us - our vision for Point Peron

Three local groups, Hands off Point Peron, Preserve Point Peron Inc and Friends of Point Peron have formed a coalition and are working in complementary ways to save Point Peron.

 We now need volunteers over the next three months to

 * get more signatures for the petition 

* help with meetings and presentations 

* staff stalls at fairs

 * obtain invites from groups

 Phone or email, 0424 598 656 or James Mumme at 9527 5339.


At first glance there are eight (8) major issues:

  • Loss of public access to Mangles Beach and the Bush Forever site

  • Privatisation of much of Cape Peron

  • Risk to the Thrombolites in Lake Richmond through changes in water level and quality

  • Risk to seagrass in Cockburn Sound through dredging

  • Loss of 33.5 ha of Bush Forever site compromising wildlife on the whole Cape by cutting the bush corridor

  • Risk to groundwater up to 1km away

  • On-going costs of dredging, cleaning polluted water, storm damage, insurances.

  • What is the justification for such a radical project in the first place and especially now that Port Rockingham looks like going ahead ?







We have four high-powered experts ready to start working on scientific submissions on our behalf. 


They are willing to do this at least in part pro-bono but their reports take up to a week and they do need to eat.


Such reports can ask well-researched questions that put the project in doubt. And there are expenses for advertising and public meetings. So we are appealing urgently for $20,000.


To donate, please note your name as a reference and payment can be made in to the following bank account


 Account Name: Hands Off Point Peron Inc

 BSB 633-000

ACC: 14274 4192  




We need invitations to make a 20 up to 40 minute presentation aimed to seek suggestions from the community for developing the Cape. The presentation includes:

  • a professional scale model of the Cape which shows powerfully what will be lost, 
  • brief powerpoint, Q&A, petition and flyers and submission-writing sheet (TBA) 
It would suitable for all kinds of groups – church, schools, service clubs, P&Cs, community organisations, businesss groups, etc. Please send details of contacts to James 9527 5339 or


We need people to help find the following information to strengthen some of our arguments 
  1. Survey of businesses on waterfront. We need someone to take a survey sheet to local businesses to find out their views about having a second tourist hub 1.5km away.
  2. What are vacancy rates of pens and house lots in Marinas at Pt Coogee, Mandurah, Pt Geographe, Exmouth ? 
  3. What costs have been incurred by government and/or Councils from canal or marinas at Port Geographe, Yunderup, Mandurah and Exmouth and any Eastern StatesPlease contact James or 9527 5339 for more info.
So watch this space to keep updated


 Sign our online petition CLICK HERE


We want to stop the proposed Marina and Inland Canal Development at Mangles Bay - in Point Peron, Rockingham, Western Australia.


  • We believe the 1964 letter and agreement should be honoured to keep the land for public use and recreation purposes - not given away for privatised housing!
  • Canals are not a success - just look at the Mandurah Canals and the ongoing issues with dredging
  • An inland marina will take up 77 hectares of land (equivalent to approximately 40 x football fields, that means about 39 x Subiaco Ovals* !!!!!)
  • Damage to seagrass will have impacts on the entire surrounds of Point Peron's marine life.


How you can help:


 Sign the on-line petition


About Us: HOPP (Hands Off Point Peron)

Our Aim is to raise awareness about the proposed canal and marina development plans at Mangles Bay in Point Peron.

We are not anti-development but are advocates for sensible development of this beautiful natural asset.

It would seem that the majority of people have no idea of the extent of the proposed development at Point Peron. The plans on the board are for 77 hectares (190 acres) of land to be used to make an inland private canal/marina precinct. This will consist of private d residential house and a marina with a capacity of up to 500 vessels. Unless you have a spare million to purchase something like this, it probably wont benefit you.

We at HOPP support sensible development that provides equal access to the wider community, to include family friendly beaches, cycle paths, natural bushland and cafes/kiosks that everyone can enjoy, not just the elite few.

Don't assume this is going ahead. The propoganda out there doesn't take into account public opinion from those that are properly informed. Once it's sold off to the developers, it's gone for ever.

Let's vote for something we can all enjoy! LETS STOP THE GOVERNMENT LAND GRAB NOW !



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