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Hands Off Point Peron

IMPORTANT LATEST NEWS - WA Planning Commission Public Submission period open until Friday 13 November 2015

With the Federal Department of Environment having issued environmental approval of the proposed development on 02.10.2014 we are now at the planning approval phase. In order for the development to go ahead a Major Amendment to the Metropolitan Region Scheme is required in order to allow for a change in use of the land from Bush Forever and Regional Parklands to Urban development/housing. The Western Australian Planning Commisssion (WAPC) is seeking public comment on its plan to rezone the land to Urban. For more see

Submissions Any person who wants to make a submission to object to or provide comment on any part of the proposed amendment needs to do so on form 41. This submission form 41 is available on or before 5pm Friday 13 November 2015 from the WAPC website here. Submissions must be lodged with the: Secretary, Western Australian Planning Commission, Locked Bag 2506, Perth WA 6001 or by email to:    on or before 5pm Friday 13 November 2015.

We have created (see below) guidelines of questions/points to help people to complete the MRS submission form. We urge supporters to (a) submit written forms and to (b) nominate to give verbal presentations (i.e. let's flood them with 1000s of submissions). We also urge all conservation and other groups who share similar interests to encourage their database to (a) submit written forms and to (b) nominate to give verbal presentations.

Questions to Help in Preparing Your MRS Submission 

Please select two or three questions that you can answer confidently for each Submission. Please indicate on the Submission Form if you are willing to speak at the Hearing (we hope you will)

01. What values does Point Peron hold for you and your family as Bush Forever site? 

02. What values does Point Peron hold for the local community in its current zoning as Bush Forever?

03. How do you use and interact with Point Peron?

04. How will your use of Point Peron be affected by the rezoning to an urban/canal estate?

05. How will the loss of Point Peron through rezoning impact on your social and recreational use of the area?

06. How will the loss of Point Peron impact on your health and well-being? Point Peron provides opportunities for both land-based and sea-based exercise facilities through walking, cycling, swimming, snorkeling, kayaking et cetera. These activities serve a preventative function in terms of health and well-being and thus reduce health costs to the community.

07. Why do you think the State government should abide by the 1964 Federal-State Point Peron Land Agreement that stipulated Point Peron’s use be “restricted to a reserve for recreational and/or Park lands’ is and that the land must not be used “for private industrial, commercial or residential development”. ( 

08. Point Peron was designated as Bush Forever site to protect the quality of the environment so that "our children and future generations will be able to appreciate and enjoy our natural heritage places." ( Please explain why you think it should be retained as a Bush Forever site and not rezoned for an urban/canal estate?

 09. In an open letter to Federal Environment Minister, Greg Hunt, 27 independent penguin experts listed at 12 scientifically-founded reasons why the canal estate would severely impact on the local Little Penguin population. They concluded, “the Mangles Bay Marina will have a likely impact on the viability of the Garden Island colony through dredging, removal of sea grass, potential impacts on fish abundance and increased risk of propeller strike.” ( Please explain the ways you see the re-zoning could impact on the Little Penguin population and its recreational and economic value to the Rockingham region.

10. What impact will the significant increase of traffic, truck movements and traffic noise during the construction phase of the canals have on you and your family? The construction is estimated to take up to 20 years and will be followed by potential ongoing traffic congestion in and out of the canal estate.

11. How will the loss of public parklands impinge on you and your family? With a rapidly growing population we need more open green spaces rather than less, especially with the diversity of Point Peron.

12. Canal estates can lead to exclusive homogenous housing enclaves being established, which is not supported by the West Australian Planning Commission’s Direction 2031 document that supports and promotes housing diversity within residential areas of WA. How do you see such an exclusive homogenous housing enclave may affect you, your family and the local community?

13. How is your public access to the beach and waters of Mangles Bay likely to be restricted by a canal estate? The canal estate design alters roads and beach access that can adversely affect adjoining communities and beach users with exclusive foreshores for private landowners - rather than general public – benefit.

14. What impacts are the noise and dust issues during up to 20 years of construction likely to have on you, your family and your use of Point Peron? Such noise, dust and restrictions on access will be generated:

a.       during the construction phase and

b.      from recreational water craft and water pumping that exceed the noise decibel requirements of the Health Act, creating additional nuisance for neighbors and additional enforcement requirements for Local Government.

15. What are the health risks of a canal development to you, and your family and the community?  There is potential for increased public health risks associated with mosquito borne diseases such as Ross River virus that could adversely affect the communities that adjoin a canal estate - as has occurred at Mandurah and Yunderup.

16. How will the loss of public beach affect you and others? The Mangles Bay Marina will cut an entrance channel and groynes through public beach, remove Point Peron Road which currently parallels the beach and force beach access through a private residential estate.

17. What impact will the loss of 44 ha of public green space mean for you? Rapidly growing populations need open green space for health, recreational, relaxation, well-being and social benefits. 

18. What are your thoughts on the possibility that the developer may fail to complete the canal project due to economic or other reasons? If this happens, the community will have lost its park and be left with either an ugly hole in the ground or residential development without canals.

19. What do you think of a rezoning that will privatise and commercialise reserved public land for exclusive housing and a marina to benefit the few rather than the majority? Does this fit with the traditional cultural and heritage values of the site that, for generations of Western Australians, has been an affordable seaside location for family picnics, day trips and holidays.  

20. Several generations of Western Australians have been visiting Point Peron for picnics, holidays, camps and recreation. The canal estate will take the area from the people of Western Australia and give it to a private developer with the prime aim of making a profit by selling it to the rich few. What are your thoughts about this no longer being available to the general public regardless of socio-economic status?

21. How you feel about the re-zoning of our unique coastal park? About it being lost to the State, the country and the world forever? Point Peron is an area with unique terrestrial and coastal features as well as intense and unique wildlife that is not found anywhere else in Western Australia and very few parts of the world.

22. What financial impacts do you foresee the City of Rockingham’s responsibility to look after a high-cost and high-maintenance canal/housing estate will have on you and your rates? See here

23. How would you express your support of the community-based vision for the Cape Peron Coastal Park instead of the rezoning to a canal/housing estate?





WE WANT TO STOP the proposed Marina and Inland Canal Development at Mangles Bay - in Point Peron, Rockingham, Western Australia.


1. Point Peron was given to the people of Western Australia in 1964 by the Commonwealth Government strictly for the purpose of RECREATION .  It was intended to be the ‘Kings Park of the South’ for all to enjoy. Stipulations included NO private, commercial or industrial development.  Tearing up this agreement, signed by the then WA Premier Sir David Brand and Prime Minister Sir Robert Menzies would be an an unconscionable BREACH OF FAITH;

2. The State Government has just had to fork out over $28M to bail out the canal/marina development disaster at Port Geographe; 

3. This would have a devastating impact on the Mangles Bay seagrass meadows, a marine nursery for snapper, crabs and whiting and important habitat for penguins, dolphins and many seabirds.  It would also destroy 40 hectares of ‘Bush Forever’;

4. Canal developments have been banned in NSW and Victoria because of their adverse economic and environmental impacts;

5. A 500 boat pen Hillarys style marina has been fully approved off the main cafe strip in Rockingham, which is a far more environmentally and economically sensible location for a marina;

6. Local cafes, restaurants and businesses around the Rockingham foreshore are struggling as it is and building a commercial marina 1 kilometre down the road (another hub) with more shops, hotels and restaurants would draw business away from the underutilised existing foreshore area and hurt local business owners.  Other marinas around Perth are also struggling, including Hillarys, Fishermans Wharf and Dolphin Quay in Mandurah;

7. This development is HIGH RISK - There are NO investors at this stage to build the public/commercial enclave for the marina (which is the part that the developers are using to entice the public)? It appears Cedar Woods are only required to develop and carve up the residential lots and sell them off? Who is going to build the commercial marina with its cafes, restaurants and hotels in this economic environment with so many other marinas being underutilized? Would tax payers end up having to finish off the job? For how long will the developers be responsible for any costly environmental issues that need fixing? 

8. Studies show that tourists are not interested in modern man-made canal developments. Tourists tell researchers they want to see nature and natural environments.  See article with comments by former Tourism Minister;

9. Point Peron has been deliberately neglected and is in need of a face lift, but it would be far more valuable to the local economy and WA as a tourist and day tripper destination, if it is protected and maintained as an eco-tourism park.  Kings Park is Perth’s number one tourist destination, because people like to see local natural environments.  

10. Scientists and engineering professionals are very concerned that the hydrology of the area would be badly affected and cause salination issues with ground water and affect nearby Lake Richmond and threaten the rare Thrombolites (living fossils);

11. Point Peron’s Mangles Bay is very shallow, so to allow access for boating traffic in and out of a marina, a deep channel would need to be dredged right through the seagrass meadows (a marine nursery), which would be an absolute travesty in itself, but it would also stir up mercury and other heavy metals that have settled over the decades from Cockburn Sound heavy industry. Seabird feathers in the area already show high levels of mercury. A worst case scenario would be a ban on eating fish caught in the area or even perhaps a ban on swimming? 

URGENT ACTION is NOW required to save Point Peron...!




For more information on the proposed development, please follow this link  








We are a local ‘not for profit’ and ordinary Mums and Dads type organisation. Funds are desperately needed to help with printing and advertising costs and potential legal costs as the campaign heats up. Please considering donating what you can afford - Even just a small amount would be put to very efficient use. Thanks in anticipation. 

To donate, please note your name as a reference and payment can be made in to the following bank account


Account Name: Hands Off Point Peron Inc


BSB 633-000

ACC: 14274 4192  



How you can help:


The petition is now closed

 Thank you to the many people who supported us in this petition.


Phone or email 0424 598 656 or James Mumme at 9527 5339 




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